Within the parameters of the elementary classroom, the children are introduced to the universe.  Through a curriculum that throws open the doors to a child’s natural curiosity and desire to know, the child builds upon knowledge acquired in the Primary classroom.  Lessons are given in a wide range of subject areas and students are allowed to research topics that these lessons inspire.

Besides work in the following subject areas:  biology, history, geography, geometry, language, mathematics and music, we encourage students to go beyond the confines of the classroom to seek out information from resources in the community.  This outreach into the community enables the students to fully participate in their educational goals and learn from many varied sources.  These experiences help the elementary child understand the workings of the community and their place in it.  It allows them the opportunity to view their education from another perspective, to see how various elements of the community work and to appreciate the contributions of each segment.  It is our belief that this sort of education will encourage active participation by each student in understanding the world around them and reaching for goals and solutions that will benefit society as a whole.


Each year students participate in various projects that benefit the community.  During the Christmas season we join the City of Hollister in providing a decorated tree for a needy family.  Ornaments are hand made by both Primary and Elementary children and displayed on a Christmas before being given away.

Along with station KSBW in Salinas, Hollister Montessori School collects toys, food, blankets and clothing to give to the Salvation Army for use in their programs.

In past years the Elementary class has collected toiletries and paper products (Kleenex, napkins, toilet tissue) for use at the local Homeless Shelter.  Sorting and delivering the products was a wonderful experience.


Elementary children participate in a regular physical education program. Emphasis is on participation, skill building, sp ortsmanship and activities for a healthy life-style.


Going Out

The Going Out experiences offer the children the opportunity to expand their studies to outside sources within the local community and beyond. The students create these outings in connection with topics that they are studying and researching.  Within specific guidelines, students set up these trips and travel with an adult.  Students use the information gained on these trips as part of their research and incorporate it into the final project.